Our Mission

Transform the culture of cybersecurity.


The Ms. GreyHat Organization is a non-profit focused on balancing talent demands by empowering women, educating students and developing professionals.

Our values are derived from the need for an intrinsic understanding and awareness of cybersecurity for everyone. We live in a digital age with continuous technological advancements; however, with great innovation, comes more risk.

MGH focuses on improving the workforce pipeline for the industry. This pipeline is currently stunted by the lack of cyber curriculum offered for younger students and a drastic gender and diversity gap. Because of this, there is a current misconception of the field that halts the message that this is a viable career path and impactful work desperately needing talent. So, how do we impact change?

MGH is dedicated to providing professional development training opportunities and networking events while cultivating solutions for the community, in hope that everyone acquires a less fearful and misguided interpretation about cybersecurity, and instead a more brave and resilient one.